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Most of the time drains clog or supply pipes leak, freeze or burst requiring repair or maintenance. Your water supply pipes may have problems that limit water pressure, impacting everything from the quality of your shower to the reach of your lawn sprinkler. Behind your walls and beneath your floors there is an intricate network of water supply lines, drains and vents that make up your residential plumbing system.

Types of pipes used in plumbing and drain system.

Copper pipe is ideal for 1/2 inch and 1 inch water supply lines leading from the main water supply pipe to household sinks and toilets. Copper is popular with plumbing contractors because it is clean, doesn't rust and is very reliable for both hot and cold water delivery. Copper pipes provide trouble-free service for decades. Copper pipes will freeze and burst if left exposed to the elements. This is only a problem if the pipes run through the outer walls of your home so be sure those walls contain plenty of insulation.

PEX tubing looks something like a garden hose but it's much stronger and more reliable. Its flexibility and strength make it as reliable as copper but easier for plumbers to work with. PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene and it is being used increasingly for water supply lines as a low cost alternative to copper piping. Developed in the 1960s, PEX has been used in Europe for decades but was only introduced to the U.S. in the 1980s. No material is freeze-proof but PEX is freeze- resistant and can expand and contract if the water inside freezes.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe is the most common material used today for household drainpipes and vents. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and is durable and reliable. It is finding renewed acceptance as a copper substitute in pressurized water supply lines. It has long been popular for drainage and sewage piping. PVC pipe is inexpensive and popular with plumbing contractors because its joints fit tightly together to resists root intrusion and it is easy to repair. It can be quickly glued together to provide decades of trouble-free service.

Orangeburg also known as fiber conduit pipe, was a tarpaper-like material used for sewer lines from the 1860s through the 1970s. It became common again during World War II when iron and other materials were diverted to the war effort. Orangeburg pipe is very susceptible to root intrusion and has fallen out of favor with building code writers.

Cast Iron pipes are tough and reliable. Today they are more commonly found in commercial and municipal applications than in residential plumbing. However, iron pipes can be found in older homes. Cast iron resists corrosion and can last 100 years or more under ideal conditions. Plumbers work with cast iron drainage pipes, water supply lines and natural gas lines.

Lead pipes have fallen out of favor today due to the danger of lead-related illnesses and health problems. Lead was the most common type of pipe for centuries because it was easy to work with. The word "plumbing" actually is derived from the Latin word for lead, "plum bum." If you have lead water supply lines, your water should be tested to determine the exposure level of your home. Mr. Drain Plumber recommends replacing lead pipes with safer materials. At the very least, you should always run the tap for two or three minutes after it feels cold before drinking it or cooking with it.

Galvanized steel pipes have also fallen out of favor in new construction. After years of use, minerals from water react with the galvanizing material to cause scale build up inside the pipe. This will eventually narrow the diameter of the pipe resulting in lower water pressure and reduced volume.

Gas Lines which are mostly black iron pipe have also fallen out of favor in new construction. After years of use, the gas starts leaking from the threaded joints and connections. Another reason is the pipe top the thread paste starts drying out and results in gas leak.

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Applications of Foundation Drain Tile
A leaking foundation or wet basement is every homeowner's worst nightmare. Common sense should tell you that the quicker and faster you get water away from your foundation, the less chance you have of developing a water infiltration problem. A properly installed foundation drainage system can save you lots of money and heartache. One of the most important aspects of building a new home, or maintaining an existing home, is the collection and removal of water from around the foundation. A building's foundation is a vulnerable place for water intrusion.

A foundation drain tile system has four main components. The drain tile (pipe), the filtermedia (gravel), the gravel cover, and the water outlet. All of these elements must be installed for the system to function properly. The drain tile or pipe is usually 4" in diameter and is perforated or has pre-drilled holes along its length. Fittings are available to allow you to go around corners or interconnect the pipe.

When a drainage system is used in residential construction, it is usually a combination of a gravel drainage layer with a foundation drain, either drain tile or perforated pipe. A poorly drained basement or foundation wall can create a multitude of problems ranging from structural failure of the wall itself to damage to the contents of the basement because of high humidity. Our perforated plastic drain tile, embedded in a gravel trench at the footing of a foundation wall, drains water away from the foundation before it can build up pressure and removes excessive water from around the foundation. In addition to keeping a basement dry, pipes can be installed as outlet drains from downspouts and basement window wells.

In addition to the removal of water from a residential foundation, our pipe can be used in any structure or area where water can cause excessive damage.

Landscape drainage pipe can remove excess water from lawns and gardens. Ever wonder what happens to all the rain that falls on your lawn, flower beds and around your house? Poor drainage or no drainage at all, can damage a building's foundation, kill all the plants and ruin a beautiful lawn. Properly installed drainage pipe can remove water from slopes above house or other structures, low spots in the yard, flower boxes and planters.

Roof drainage pipe can turn a flat or gently sloping roof into a beautiful, ecological roof garden. It will allow you to retain rainwater which will not only extend the life of your roof, but insulate your house.

Patio and deck drainage pipe can quickly remove water from under a patio or deck after a rain shower or a heavy snow. Our drainage pipe is ideal for keeping patio runoff from flooding the nearby landscaping and ruining a patio. It will also prevent the water from washing away the sub-base and seeping into lower floors and contents

Retaining wall drainage pipe will eliminate any build up of hydrostatic pressure caused by excessive amounts of water. Our pipe is the perfect solution for preventing the buildup of water around a retaining wall. If a retaining wall is going to retain any amount of soil it should also be constructed so that it can allow water to past through to remove some of the weight pressing against it. This is normally achieved by building a small drainage pipe into the wall allowing the water to drain through it. With the proper drainage, a retaining should do what it was designed to do, and it won't have to build as strong saving considerable time and money.

Driveway drainage pipe is strong enough to withstand traffic and can be easily and affordably being installed under residential and public driveways. Our strong, durable and lightweight, non-perforated tubing is an excellent choice for preventing water from collecting on a driveway when the property tends to slope towards a building. It can also be used as sidewalk under drains, and culverts to prevent pavement damage due to unstable bedding or frost heaving. Made from high density polyethylene, our pipe is significantly lighter than concrete pipe, and superior to metal pipe in corrosion and abrasion resistance. Crushed stone, gravel, or compacted soil backfill should be used as bedding material around the pipe.

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