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Any Sink Service
  Sink Drain Cleaning
Bathroom Sink Drains may get clogged with hair, toothpaste, soap, sludge and grime. Mr. Drain ® Plumbing provides many bathroom plumbing solutions and sink drains are one of the more common problems we solve. Mr. Drain ® Experts will remove the clog and thoroughly clean the entire pipe by using Mr. Drain ® Roto Junior so your sinks will drain like new. Did you drop you ring or any jewelry down in sink? No fear Mr. Drain ® is here just doesn’t flush any water and wait for your local Mr. Drain ® Plumber to Rescue your wedding ring because he is the Hero. Save time save money and call your local Mr. Drain ® Plumber Today. For more Details about Sink Repairs check out Sink Repair or Sink Replace. In very few cases the Drain Snake doesn’t work if you have sludge, grease and gunk built in for years. At that point you need to clean the drain lines under 3000 PSI pressure of water. Consider Mr. Drain Hydro Flush ® for more more
Kitchen Drain Cleaning
Kitchen Drains Oil, Grease, Soap and Food Waste can make your drains clog and run more slowly over time. Kitchen drains clog over time. They run slower and slower as greases, soaps, fats and detergents build up on the inner walls of the pipes and eventually cause blockage. A Mr. Drain ® service technician who specializes in kitchen plumbing jobs will use a Mr. Drain ® Roto Junior 100 sink machine to cut through the clog and remove all debris. Your kitchen drainpipes will be as good as new and to keep them that way. Some time the Drain snake doesn't work if you have sludge, grease and gunk built in for years. At that point you need to clean the drain lines under 3000 PSI pressure of water. Consider Mr. Drain Hydro Flush ® for more more
Mr. Drain ® Hydro Scrub ®
Our unique Hydro Flush ® Jet Clean service is a high−pressure cleaning process that removes years of Debris,
Grease, Gunk, and Sludge that can build up in your drain pipes. This will clean your pipes at 3000 to 5000 PSI pressure of water restoring them to its original more
Mr. Drain ® Sewer Video Camera Inspection
It's a wise thinking to believe on what you see that’s why Mr. Drain Plumbing delivers you Art of Sight
by looking in to the drain lines with the video camera. Video cameras have become one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business. It is a rule of thumb that seeing is believing. We make you believe by showing you the problems in your drain system by sewer video camera more
Mr. Drain ® Sewer and Drain Repair
When sewer line clogs or stoppages become frequent and costly, it is time to take further
action and stop paying for monthly calls to clear the line. Repairing the damaged section of piping, or possibly replacing the entire line are your best options at this point, as mostly there is NOT any warranty for frequent drain cleaning, however, Mr. Drain  ® warranties the complete sewer line replacements or more
Sink Repair - Kitchen Sink Clear and Repair- Bathroom Sink Clear and Repair - Laundry Sink Repair and Clear - Sink Company
Punctuality Is Reality Here™
Is your sink leaking? - Is your sink backed up? - Do you want to replace your sink? - D you need a sink service? Is your kitchen sink clogged? -Is your bathroom sink clogged? -Is your laundry sink clogged? Are you looking for a reliable licensed plumbing contractor? Are you looking for affordable sink service?
If yoursink is clogged or leaking then you should schedule a sink service to un clog of repair it today. There may be a possibility that the sink drain is clogged due to grease or sludge in the line. We can unclog any kitchen sink, laundry sink or bathroom sink drain. We are available 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.
On Any Sink Service - SinkRepair - Clogged Sink Cleared-Kitchen Sink Service - Bathroom Sink Service - Laundry Sink Service
The Home Flash Diagram Below is courtesy of Mr. Drain ® Plumbing that is designed to give you detailed informational hands on about the plumbing and drainage system in your house. Take a moment and browse the links in this image by bringing mouse on the text. Some text will have additional informational links
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Mr. Drain ® Sink Services
At Mr. Drain ® Plumbing our skilled plumbers can handle any kitchen sink, bathroom sink, wet bar, laundry room cleaning, sink repair, replacement or installation. The sinks are either made of ceramic, metal like staleness steal or plastic. Out of all of the plumbing companies nobody repairs and replaces more sinks than Mr. Drain ® Plumber does. Sinks like other plumbing fixtures in home play a very important role in the beauty and comfort for the people living in house. Being a part of a daily life they should be plumbed and installed in such a way that they don't interrupt your day when you use them. Whether it is a Kitchen Sink, Laundry Sink, Bathroom Sink, Out door Sink or a Bar Sink Mr. Drain ® Plumbing is always available to service any sink.
Most bathroom sinks are smaller in size as compared to kitchen sinks and are available in all shapes and sizes.Bath sinks can be set into counters on top of bath cabinets or wall-mounted. They are also available as freestanding pedestal models. I have seen many of these and they are truly beautiful. Some of them offer storage but these are little expensive. Mr. Drain ® Plumbing can order any sink for you. We have wide ranges of sinks in our catalogues. Most of them take from 3 to 15 business days to come in. Schedule a appointment today and our technician will walk you through the catalogue and help you find kitchen, bathroom, laundry or bar sink based on your requirements
How Kitchen Sink Plumbing Works 
Most Kitchen sinks have two fixture holes on 4, 6 or 8-inch centers. The wider ones are meant to receive a split-set faucet while the 4 or 6-inch holes may receive a center set or single-lever Faucet.

The drainpipe that fits in a sink usually is fitted either with a garbage disposal opening or with a strainer with a hand stopper that raises and lowers when we put up or pull the stopper cap in the middle of the sink body. Some kitchen sink have only one drain some have two drains in a double sink one drain comes from a disposal arm and other from straight down from sink and connects with p-trap and single sink drain comes down straight and connects with the p-trap. The Sink drain has a flange sealed to the sinkhole with plumber's putty. The flange is fixed into the drain body with screws, which is tightened to the underside of the sink bowl with a locknut. The tailpiece attaches to a drain trap with slip-joint couplings. Supply tubes (flexible) carry water from shutoff valves at wall to threaded tailpieces on the faucet base.
How Bathroom Sink Plumbing Works
Bathroom Sink typically has two fixture holes on 4, 6 or 8-inch centers. The wider types are meant to receive a split-set faucet, with faucet handles separate from the spout. The 4- or 6-inch holes may receive a center set or a single-lever faucet.

Pop-up stoppers move up and down to open or close sink drains. You raise and lower sink pop-ups with a knob, usually located near a faucet handle.

The knob is actually the head of a lift rod fastened to a clevis, a connecting bar. The clevis connects to a pivot rod-and-ball assembly-that is, a rod that runs through a rubber pivot ball and slopes slightly uphill to the tailpiece of the stopper.

• Pushing the knob and the lift rod down causes the pivot rod to push the stopper up; pulling the knob causes the pivot rod to pull the stopper down.

• If you want to remove the assembly, you may be able to pull it right out. You may have to twist it, however, to unhook it from the clevis
On Any Sink Service - Sink Repair - Clogged Sink Cleared - Kitchen Sink Service - Bathroom Sink Service - Laundry Sink Service
Construction of a typical sink
Most bathroom sinks have two fixture holes on 4 inch, 6 inch or 8inch centers. One of these is wider than the other. The wider hole is meant to receive a split-set faucet, with faucet handles separate from the spout, while the narrow hole may receive a center set or a single-lever faucet. Movement of pop-up stoppers in upward or downward direction opens or closes the sink drain. The lower sink pop-ups is raised with a knob. It is normally located near the handle of the faucet. This knob is connected to a lift rod that is fastened to a clevis. The clevis again connects to a pivot rod-and-ball assembly. This rod-and-ball assembly runs through a rubber pivot ball and slopes slightly uphill to the tailpiece of the stopper
It's a Mr. Drain ® Wise Advice If you've ever washed a contact lens or a piece of jewelry down the drain, then you've met the sink trap. Don't run water at this point and call Mr. Drain ® . A lightening technician will be at your door in 45 minutes and will recover what you had dropped in the drain. Because he is a Hero. All drains clog occasionally usually inconveniently and unpleasantly. First, try to remove the clog through the fixture or drain itself. If that fails, then contact the plumbers at Mr. Drain ® Plumbing. It's usually relatively easy of our experts to run a drain auger into drainpipes and clear any clog. Preventing clogged sink, tub, and toilet drains is the best course of action. Strainers placed over kitchen, laundry and bathroom drains can help. However kitchen drains equipped with garbage disposals can get clogged by coffee grounds and grease. And, of course, never flush tampons or disposable diapers down toilets.
How does sink stopper work? 
A quick look at the diagram illustrates the up and down mechanism. A sink stopper is connected to a drain control rod that controls the up a down motion of the sink stopper. The control rod connects to a horizontal rod by a clip or screw. When the rod pulls up, the clip pulls up causing the horizontal rod to go up. The horizontal rod passes through a seal or gasket that also acts as a pivot point into the drain. Close of examination of the stopper shows a hook at the bottom. This hook attaches to the horizontal rod. Because of the pivot, when the control rod pulls up the stopper goes down and vice versa. In order for the sink not to leak water when the stopper is down, it is critical that the horizontal rod to be adjusted correctly so that when the control rod is pulled up the sink stopper sits flush on the drain. We don't recommend to fix the stopper yourself as if the seals are not seated proper or the right seals are not used the water may leak from the pop up resulting in water damage. Call the experts at Mr. Drain ®Plumbing today and let the experts fix it.
Keeping Connected with the Technology: At Mr. Drain ® Plumbing we stay at the peak where the technology plays a very important role in our daily life. Whether it's a very ordinary single handle faucet or a touch screen electronic faucet we know when and how to make your dream come true with a faucet of tomorrows touch. Like other latest electronics in your kitchen we at Mr. Drain ® Plumbing are proud to say that we can get your faucet matched with any electronic appliance in your kitchen like your touch screen refrigerator, a touch screen stove or a blue lighted hood at Mr. Drain Plumbing we keep your kitchen up dated. Call a local Mr. DrainPlumber ® today and ask the touch screen faucets we carry. We promise for your comfort.
Kitchen sink brands we carry
  • Allante
  • American Standard
  • Anawalt Custom Sinks
  • Aquatic
  • Avonite
  • Barclay
  • Bates and Bates
  • Betonas
  • BisBis
  • Blanco
  • Circle City Copperworks
  • Diamond Spas
  • Durant Ceramics
  • Duravit
  • Elkay

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