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Do you have a broken Shower? - Is your Shower leaking? - Do you want to replace your Shower? - D you want a Shower repair service? Do you want to replace your Shower? - Do you want to unclog your Shower? -Is your Shower faucet dripping? Did you break the Shower valve? Is the Shower faucet not turning off? Are you looking for affordable Shower service? Do you have a clogged Shower drain?
If you have high water bill or frequent water leaks then you should replace the dripping or leaking shower valve. We are experts in replacing, repairing and installing any brand of Shower. Even if your Shower is clogged we are available 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week to unclog any Shower drain.
On Any Shower Service - Shower Repair - Shower Fix -ShowerValve Repair - Shower installation - Clogged Shower Drain Cleared - Shower Contractor - Shower Faucet repair - Shower Leak Repair
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A shower or shower-bath, walk-in shower, steam shower is a place in which a person takes bath under a spray or a shower of water. A shower uses less water than a bath: 80 liters on average for a shower compared to 150 liters for a bath.Today's bathrooms feature an array of shower and tub designs.

Most are conventional tub & shower combinations; others are ornate with a variety of water jets, showerheads and faucet designs.At Mr. Drain ® Plumbing our licensed plumbing specialists are masters of all showers,bathtub and, bathtub drain repairs, water pressure issues and even installations/replacements. We are the experts to call for your bathroom plumbing solutions.

From any ordinary fiberglass shower panto a Multimedia Shower Mr. Drain® Plumbers are experts in it. We will either fix or replace your shower. Showers are fundamentally a very simple appliance designed to contain water and a person or two and to drain spent water into the sewer system. Of course, from those basics, a world of possibilities has been developed. Showers are made in many different types, sizes, shapes, colors, and configurations.

A shower is built into a bathroom that is used for washing the body. An alternative to a bathtub, showers are designed to allow a person to step in, close the door or curtain and stand upright. The turning knobs on the wall functions to receive hot and cold running water flowing down like rain from a faucet or shower head located on the wall above the standing person's head. The water continues to flow over the person as she washes her body, and the used water collects at the bottom of the shower, flowing out the centrally located drain and into the sewer. Showers can be made of fiberglass, glass, stone, acrylic or tile.

On Any Shower Service - Shower Repair - Shower Fix -ShowerValve Repair - Shower installation - Clogged Shower Drain Cleared - Shower Contractor - Shower Faucet repair - Shower Leak Repair
Showers Basic Kinds
Showers may be built-in or prefabricated. Built-in showers are essentially small rooms with walls of tile, stone, or some other waterproof material and a glass door that slides or swings open. The floor may be a one-piece unit made of plastic or some type of solid-surfacing material; commonly, the floor is tile with a pan that's flashed and hot-mopped using methods similar to those used on a flat roof.Prefabricated showers are made from fiberglass-reinforced acrylic or fiberglass and come in a wide range of colors and styles.

Some are made as single, one-piece units that are installed during construction and others are made as modular units consisting of a base and three walls.Showers may be installed in one of three ways: as a single unit, a modular set, or custom-built-in. A shower drain is made of several parts. Beneath the removable strainer cover in the shower floor, the drain leads to an under-floor trap that connects to a drain line and the waste/vent stack.
Shower Pan
There are many options available when it comes to bathroom furnishings, but one indispensable item is a shower pan. This is what constitutes the floor of a shower and directs all the water into the drain, if installed properly. Usually shower pans are constructed from synthetic materials such as fiberglass, acrylic or other strong, durable, waterproof materials.

Some shower pans make it possible to place tile over them, giving more options for decoration. It’s critical that the shower pan at the base not leak over time, as this will rot the floor, so some type of waterproofing system is employed during construction.Though grout can be repaired and you can re-caulk joints, if the shower pan is leaking, you’ll need to have it repaired.

How Shower Pan works
A shower pan consists of the pan itself, as well as the drain assembly. The main part of the drain is usually a heavy, chrome-plated ring that is threaded on the outside. This is to allow a nut to be screwed onto it from the underside, tightening the ring to two gaskets, a waterproof one on top and a metal one underneath.

These parts of the assembly ensure that all of the water is shed directly into the drainpipe, preventing leaks around the hole in the pan itself. The last part is the strainer, a small metal grating or screen, which keeps any large objects from falling into the drainpipe and causing clogs. The strainer is the only part of the drain assembly that is seen from above once the shower pan is fully installed, and is the last part to be installed.
Often times, notably in newer shower enclosures, the floor of the shower will be made of ceramic tiles and grout. In this case, a traditional shower pan will not be needed, but precautions must be taken against leaks.

There is a common misconception that a ceramic tile floor will shed all the water by merely sloping toward the drain, but hat is not understood is that a substantial amount of water can penetrate through the tile and grout and into the mortar layer.

This can cause mildew and other more serious problems to occur if the leak is substantial enough. In these situations, then, it is important to use a shower liner or other impermeable layer underneath the tile to serve the same function that a shower pan ordinarily would.Mr. Drain® Plumbing is the only plumbing company that can repair and fix any shower leaks with out breaking the tiles or floors. The expert service is just one call away. Our experts are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Shower Stall and Shower Pan Repairs
When do you think of your shower pan? Most likely when you are in the middle of a bathroom remodeling project or if you're like most people, you don't have a clue of what a shower pan is until it starts leaking down through your kitchen ceiling.

The plumbing may or may not be the leaky problem.Fiberglass and acrylic showers, particularly the pan areaswhere we stand tend to get a lot of wear and tear. The walls get scrubbed with harsh chemical cleaners, and the pans receive the weight of one or more people every day. Shower pans were not meant for this kind of abuse. 

One way to repair acrylic or fiberglass showers is to install a liner. This essentially relines the entire bath area with a new, inner bath area it’s also called a pocket inside a pocket. The other and only option is to tear it all out and install a new shower. Mr. Drain ® Plumbing can repair fiberglass or acrylic shower pans at a lesser option--but certainly much cheaper. The process of repairing allows for spot-repair of cracks and holes that may have been plaguing you, much in the same way one might repair a boat.
On Any Shower Service - Shower Repair - Shower Fix -ShowerValve Repair - Shower installation - Clogged Shower Drain Cleared - Shower Contractor - Shower Faucet repair - Shower Leak Repair
Shower Valve or Shower Faucet
Macintosh HD:Users:mrrescue:Desktop:tub and shower faucet.gifShower and shower faucets work much like sink faucets, but they are oriented horizontally rather than vertically and their parts are usually larger. A two-handle stem shower faucet has a stem with a washer that presses against a seat to seal off water. A three-handle unit adds a stem like diverter to direct water up to the shower or down to the Shower spout. Shower cartridge faucets work just like sink cartridge faucets.

Usually the faucet only turns water on and off; a diverter valve on the spout directs water to the showerhead or the spout. Shower faucets come in different designs, each with slightly different inner parts and valves. The shower faucets can some time become a nightmare and need immediate attention. They either break from handle or from the movement parts in site the faucet. Mr Drain ® Plumbing have expertise to fix, repair and replace any kind of shower or Shower faucet 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Learn more...
How Shower Valve or Faucet Work
When the knobs are turned in a shower, water is pumped through the pipes. The water is pressurized, beginning from a water main located in the front of your house or water well, and piped into a water heater in your house. The water breaks off into two separate hot and cold pipes at the water heater. The cold water bypasses the water heater and goes directly to the cold-water shower line, the hot water from the water heater is dispatched into the hot water shower line as that knob is turned. The hot and cold shower knobs are adjusted until the person in the shower achieves optimum flow and desired temperature. The shower valves can be single handle, double handle or three handles. Whatever kind of shower valve is used the hot and cold water is mixed by a diverter or a mixer valve that adjusts the temperature of water to your comfort. The shower valve is repairable to a extent. If the moving parts in side valve had not worn the valve it self then it’s repairable but if the valve it self is worn out then the only option left is to replaceit. Mr Drain ® Plumbing is expert in replacing or fixing the shower valves. Schedule an appointment today and let our experts fix your shower valve before its too late and you will end up to spend 10 times more money to replace the shower valve. Learn more...

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