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Selecting the Best Faucet
Most faucets are turned off and on repeatedly, day in and day out, for many years. For that reason, you'll want to choose one that not only looks great, but also is convenient, safe, and will provide durable service for a long time. Though price is usually a pretty good measure of quality, it isn't necessarily the best measure—nor does it determine whether or not a certain faucet will best serve your needs. To make a wise choice, you need a clear understanding of typical faucet construction and inner workings Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of Hercules is always available to help you select the right faucet that will perform the right job and will add value to your bathroom.
How to turn off the water
supply if your faucet breaks
At Mr Drain ® Plumbing of Hercules we are committed to help our customers to save their homes from water damages as much as we could. It happens. Faucets break, sometimes violently, and water begins spewing all over the wall and floor. Don't panic! Look beneath the sink for the water shut-off valves. There is a cold water shut-off valve and a hot water shut-off valve. They're usually chrome with a small oval valve handle. Turn the handles clockwise until the water stops pouring out of the faucet. Sometimes water shut-off valves freeze up from lack of use. If it won't budge, get a pair of pliers and slowly turn the knob back and forth until the rubber seat inside loosens. Don't force it all at once or it could break and cause bigger plumbing problems. If the valve spins freely and won't turn the inner seat, tighten the setscrew on the face and try again. Once the valve is moving, turn off the water and call Mr Drain ® Plumbing of Hercules
Tub and Shower Faucet
Tub and shower faucets work much like sink faucets, but they are oriented horizontally rather than vertically and their parts are usually larger. A two-handle stem shower faucet has a stem with a washer that presses against a seat to seal off water. A three-handle unit adds a stem like diverter to direct water up to the shower or down to the tub spout.Tub cartridge faucets work just like sink cartridge faucets. Usually the faucet only turns water on and off; a diverter valve on the spout directs water to the showerhead or the spout. Shower faucets come in different designs, each with slightly different inner parts and valves. The shower faucets can some time become a nightmare and need immediate attention. They either break from handle or from the movement parts in site the faucet. Mr Drain ® Plumbing of Hercules have expertise to fix, repair and replace any kind of shower or tub faucet 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Learn more...
Hose Bib
A hose bib is an outdoor faucet usually used to bring water your garden and other areas in your lawn. It is a tap having a nozzle bent downwards and supplied from a horizontal pipe. A hose bib is a valve with a hose threaded spout that facilitates easy connection of a utility or garden hose. Their specific name is sometimes defined by a manufacturer and seems to be influenced by regional issues as well. Beyond that, plumbers generally label an exterior wall mounted faucet a "sillcock." The hose bibs are used for irrigation hoses they function same as like a dual handle faucet but the difference is these are not fixable. The stem holds the seat when the hose bib is tighten and stops the water flow and allows the flow when the stem is loosed. When the stem and seat don't keep the tight seal the water continuous flow and the hose bib start dripping. Mr Drain ® Plumbing of Hercules have expertise to replace any kind of hose bib faucet 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Learn more...
Brands We Carry
Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of Hercules proudly carry the following brands of faucets.
  • American Standard
  • Blanco Faucet
  • Brizo Faucet
  • California Faucet
  • Chicago Faucet
  • Danze Faucet
  • Glacier Bay Faucets
  • Delta Faucet
  • Ginger Faucet
  • Newport Brass Faucet
  • Dornbracht Faucet
  • Eljer Faucet
  • Elkay Faucet
  • Fusion Faucet
  • Grohe America Faucet
  • Kohler Faucet
  • Kraus Faucet
  • MGS Progetti Faucet
  • Moen Faucet
  • Newport Brass Faucet
  • Phylrich International Faucet
  • Price Pfister Faucet
  • Vigo Faucet
Faucet Installation And Repair Services
Punctuality Is Reality Here™
Faucet Repair – Kitchen Faucet Repair and Replace – Bathroom Faucet Installed & Repair – Shower Faucet Repair and Replaced – Faucet Company – Plumbing Contractor – Leaking Faucet Repair
Is your Faucet leaking? – Is your Faucet Dripping? – Do you want to replace your Faucet? – D you need a Faucet service? Is your kitchen Faucet Broken? – Does your bathroom Faucet wont turn off? – Is your laundry Faucet not working? Are you looking for a reliable licensed plumbing contractor? Are you looking for affordable Faucet service?
If your Faucet is dripping or leaking then you should schedule a Faucet service to repair or replace it today. There may be a possibility that the Faucet cartridge or stem is not working proper. We can repair or replace any kitchen Faucet, laundry Faucet or bathroom Faucet. We are available 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.
On Any Faucet Service – Faucet Repair – Faucet Installation – Kitchen Faucet Service – Bathroom Faucet Service – Laundry Faucet Service
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Mr. Drain ® Faucet Service
A faucet controls the amount of water that comes into a home through the plumbing. It also controls the temperature of the water. Faucets can be found in many sizes and designs, and are usually found in kitchen, laundry or bathroom.At Mr. Drain ® our skilled plumbers can handle any faucet repair or replacement whether it is a kitchen sink faucet, bathroom sink faucet, wet bar faucet, laundry sink faucet, water shut-off valves or even an outdoor hose bib. Faucets contain moving parts and they break and wear out over time. Out of all of the plumbing companies nobody repairs and replaces more faucets than Mr. Drain ® Plumbing does.Weather its kitchen, bathroom, shower or bar faucetand a garden hose bib we turn our faucets on and off so often that it shouldn't surprise us when they begin to drip and leak. A leaking or dripping faucet is usually a sign that a part is worn and needs to be replaced.Negligence to repair or replace faulty parts in side the faucet result In a bigger damage latter then t comes to the stage that its non repair able and guess what now you got to replace it. So call Mr. Drain ® Plumbing today to take care of leaking or dripping faucets.
How To Choose the Best Faucet
Keeping in mind the kind before selection any faucet the application or what kind of work will be done.For instance the faucets comprise of one of its key elements. They are used mainly as a valve for controlling the release of water. A Kitchen, Bath Sink or Shower Faucet doles out water, hot as well as cold, which is used for the purpose of washing hands or objects, such as food and dishes, or taking shower. Apart from serving their basic functions, faucets also add an ornamental value to your kitchen, bathroom or shower. Before deciding on the type of faucets you want for your kitchen, it is better to get complete information on them and then determine as to which style suits you the most. The kitchen faucet is the one that is used 70 % compare to other faucets. So kitchen faucet have to be durable, efficient and better quality compared to other faucets.
On Any Faucet Service – Faucet Repair – Faucet Installation – Kitchen Faucet Service – Bathroom Faucet Service – Laundry Faucet Service
Types of Faucets
There are basically many kinds of faucet available in market but the very economic and common are bellow
Single-handle Faucet :
In this kind of faucet, there is one lever or knob that often forms a part of the spout and controls hot as well as cold water. It works as the mixer, diverter for hot and clod water and controls both on and off operations. This kind of faucet has either one swan neck spout or push and pull sprayer. The faucet with out sprayer is used in bathrooms and on laundry sinks and the one with sprayer is used in kitchen and bar sinks.
Two-handle Faucet :
Like the name this type of faucet has two handles one turn on and off cold water and one hot. The spout as well as both the valves combined on a single base unit. This faucet is also called a dual handle faucet. These faucets are easy to repair then the single handle and last longer then the single handle faucets. The handle occupies a separate stem or cartage. If one goes bad the other continues working. This kind of faucet has either one swan neck spout or push and pull sprayer. The faucet with out sprayer is used in bathrooms and on laundry sinks and the one with sprayer is used in kitchen and bar sinks.
Widespread Faucet :
Widespread Faucet has all the three items - hot-water valve, cold-water valve and a spout, mounted separately.The spout and both the valves are not combined on a single base unit. They are installed separate a part from each other. These kinds of faucets are mostly installed on marble or granite counter tops. These faucets are more luxury faucets and of course expensive. These faucets are more durable then other faucets. They are made of a good material and come in executive brands. Some are gold plated and some are very finished chrome and silver plated
Compression faucets :
These kinds of faucets have washers and seals. The internal part of faucet consists of a stem, rubber rubber washers, and brass seat. The stem operates clock wise and anticlockwise. When water is turned off the stem from either hot or cold side is tighten the rubber washer on stem makes a very tight seal with seat. If the seat or washer stays loose the water continues pass from the stem cylinder and faucet drips. Even if you have turned the handle fully off. These parts that can fail under constant pressure and can be replaced.
Disc faucets : Ceramic disk faucets are durable, long lasting and almost maintenance-free. They normally carry guarantee rather than warranty. The ceramic valves in these faucets are guaranteed not to wear out. Ceramic valves are more durable than most valves available in the market. These faucets come in single handle only. As with Normal disc faucets, a ceramic disc faucet also works with the help to two different discs. The upper movable disc and a lower fixed disc. Flow of water is controlled with disc movement from side to side or when they are lifted and lowered. The lower lift remains fixed while the upper disc moves. These faucets also leak when the inlet and outlet seals wear or when sediment builds up in the faucet inlets.
Cartridge faucets : Cartridge faucets operate with a movable stem cartridge that moves up and down to regulate flow. They are identifiable more by how they feel when they operate than how they look. As opposed to a ball faucet that you push back to turn on, a single handle cartridge faucets operate in an "up/down" motion to adjust water volume and a "left/right" motion for temperature. They leak when the O-ring that cushions the cartridge stem wears out or breaks. When they drip it might mean the cartridge needs replacing. Be sure the replacement cartridge matches the original.
Ball faucets : Ball faucets are very common in kitchen sinks and were the first type of washerless faucet. They are identifiable by their single handle that moves over a rounded ball shaped cap right above the base of the faucet spout. The plastic or metal ball inside the faucet body and under the ball shaped cap has chambers or slots in it that control the flow and mixing temperature of the water coming from the faucet. Ball faucets drip when the inlet seals wear and leak when the O-rings wear or break. Because of the number of parts that make up this type of faucet, ball faucets tend to leak more than other washerless faucets
On Any Faucet Service – Faucet Repair – Faucet Installation – Kitchen Faucet Service – Bathroom Faucet Service – Laundry Faucet Service
Safety First
With a good valve, water temperature shouldn't change abruptly as you adjust from cold to hot. In addition, to prevent burns, a scald–guard or temperature-limit feature is offered by several makers for single-control faucets. With these, you can remove the handle and adjust the maximum water temperature the faucet will deliver– a wise feature if you have small children (most plumbing codes now require these types of valves in new residential construction).
  • For water conservation, all new faucets are now mandated to deliver no more than 2.5 gallons per minute; some provide additional adjustable flow rate restrictors.
  • At last, don't forget to choose the faucet suppliers that provide years of trouble-free service. The suitable is the best.
How Faucet Work?

Every time you wash your hands or do the dishes you use a faucet. But have you ever wondered how it contains all that water pressure? If you put your thumb over the faucet you can't stop the flow. Try it and you will probably get a good soaking. Well, here is how it is done:

In an open faucet the water flows through two chambers separated by a hole. Most water towers exert tremendous force on the water in its system. Water can be under pressure that exceeds 100 pounds per square inch.

Most faucets use a screw device to regulate the flow of water. When it is turned, it forces a washer down into the holebetween the two chambers. As the washer begins to close the gap it slows down and then finally stops the flow. It is the screwing action coupled with the lever action on the handle of the faucet that makes turning it off and on so easy.When leverage on the handle turns the screw, the washer is forced down a fraction of an inch at a time. Only sideway force (such as you might place on the handle) can push the washer back because friction is created at the point where the screw meets the threaded faucet. The water then is held in check in the pipe until the handle is again turned in the opposite direction.

Most bathroom sinks are smaller in size as compared to kitchen sinks and are available in all shapes and sizes. Bath sinks can be set into counters on top of bath cabinets or wall-mounted. They are also available as freestanding pedestal models. I have seen many of these and they are truly beautiful. Some of them offer storage but these are little expensive.

Keeping Connected with the Technology:
At Mr. Drain ® Plumbing we stay at the peak where the technology plays a very important role in our daily life. Whether it's a very ordinary single handle faucet or a touch screen electronic faucet we know when and how to make your dream come true with a faucet of tomorrows touch. Like other latest electronics in your kitchen we at Mr. Drain ® Plumbing is proud to say that we can get your faucet matched with any electronic appliance in your kitchen like your touch screen refrigerator, a touch screen stove or a blue lighted hood or in your bath room at Mr. Drain ® we keep your kitchen up dated. Call your local Mr. Drain ® Plumbing today and ask the touch screen faucets we carry. We promise for your comfort.

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